List of Apartments that Accept Evictions 2022

In the United States, more than 3 million people are evicted from their homes every year. When you are experiencing this problem, you need to find an apartments that accept evictions. However, if you have ever tried this, you know that it is difficult to find a landlord who will rent to someone who has been evicted.

The eviction is a legal process followed by the landlord to remove the tenants from the rental property, although it is not expected to happen in any individual’s life. Many factors can cause the process of eviction. Among other violations of law and regulation, tenants can be evicted for failing to pay rent for a few months, Breaking the lease, or violating other terms and conditions of the lease.

Although evicted tenants do not need to worry, there are still apartments that take evictions. This can improve tenants’ lives when the eviction has been gone for a bit longer. We will discuss apartments that accept evictions so that you may regain your footing and you can improve the bad situation that led to your eviction.

How to Find Apartments that Accept Evictions

apartments that accept evictions

While you might have difficulty finding an apartment that accepts evictions in your area, there are still landlords who sympathize with people who have been got eviction notice. Apartment locators are a good way to find eviction friendly apartments because you may not find them in other search engines. It’s also possible to search apartments based on your eviction status and location, and you’ll find many landlords who don’t care about evictions.

Additionally, you can search online for apartments that accept evictions near you. You will find many search results for apartments willing to accept you even if you have an eviction record. Many apartment-related groups are available on social networks, where people can share their problems and find solutions. You can also find Second chance apartments or eviction and apartment-related groups on Facebook. Many evicted people post their concerns on Facebook and gain knowledge.

Look at what is happening in your community, and you’ll find apartments easily. Most likely, your landlords are accepting the eviction status of tenants, but you might not know. In recent times, landlords won’t be as keen on the past as bankruptcy, bad credit history, or other problems. Instead, they will only focus on your current financial capacity to afford the rent.

List Of Apartments That Accept Evictions

If your rental record isn’t ideal, finding a new home to live in is an issue. The landlords may not be as accommodating, and you might have to put in a lot of effort to find the ideal home for you. Find an established apartment locator service that helps connect potential tenants with apartment rentals from landlords who are part of their network. Additionally, you can search for apartments by location or landlord criteria to find the perfect fit for you.

Furthermore, you’ll be able to look for rentals by location, rental, or lease. Unfortunately, you may also discover landlords who don’t take a look at your past and will not conduct screenings for background.

It’s easy to find properties with eviction records offering you more choices and aiding you in finding a place that is open to you. In addition, a community of others who have been evicted can assist you in finding useful advice or even the right housing for you based on your needs.

Rental properties are a popular term at the moment, and it’s simple to find an apartment if you know what you should look for. If tenants pay their rent on time and are good tenants, landlords are less likely to worry about their eviction status.

Second Chance

If you’re in financial trouble and want to find an affordable home close to your family, friends, take a look at Second Chance

You can contact this organization if you have an eviction, repossession, a broken lease, foreclosure, or any other issue you need resolved.


If you’re planning to move and aren’t sure what to do now, can connect you to apartment listings across the nation so you can address everything you need! If you are looking for a short-term residence or you are looking to move out after an eviction, contact them today to get started.

Find furnished homes, short-term rentals, and corporate housing in the biggest network of furnished houses and corporate housing throughout the United States. Visit to find your ideal home among the thousands of listings.

You can quickly browse the current listings and then filter by the criteria you’d like to see in an apartment, like the location, cost and amenities, type of property, and much more.

Visit their Website:

For Rent No Credit Check Corporate Leasing Inc.

Finding a rental apartment for Rent with No Credit check is simple. They offer a variety of rental homes from which you can choose from studio apartments to two bedrooms. You can pick the one that best suits your needs. Property managers you’ll meet focus on helping renters locate the ideal property to live in and are not looking to earn a profit from you.

Whatever the reason, whether they’re seeking an apartment with credit approval or one with no need to check their credit score, you can help them find the ideal place to reside.

This being said, For Rent No Credit Check provides services only for single-family houses. This is the reason to get in touch with them to obtain additional information now.

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Interiors By Lamar National Corporate Leasing

A corporate property management company, Interiors by Lamar, helps companies and organizations to find and maintain ideal office spaces across the country for rent with no credit check. You can contact them if you want to find the perfect home in any city you want, even if you have had previous evictions. Unfortunately, they don’t work with homeowners. Here is their contact information.

Phone: 888-505-0626

Email: [email protected]

Alliance Housing Inc.

If you’ve faced problems with credit before, Alliance Housing Inc. can help! They know you might be told you have little chance of finding housing. However, that’s not the case.

The flexible screening process they offer gives you a second chance at an apartment that is free of charges. In addition, their leasing professionals are experts in the market for housing and cooperate with landlords to give you the most favorable options for your dream apartment.


Email: [email protected]

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Anchor Your Assets Lease Guaranty

With its extensive portfolio of real estate properties, Anchor Your Assets provides various exclusive apartments and floor plans suitable for every lifestyle. Anchor Your Assets’ services are designed to assist clients in saving time and money. Unlike other firms in the field, they work with property managers, landlords, investors, and landlords across the nation to offer an extensive selection of homes.

If you’re looking to leave and require a guarantor — and that’s the point where Assets Lease Guaranty (ALG) is available. ALG will provide the support you require to get the security deposits back or provide landlords with the security they require before renting out their properties. Additionally, you’ll receive a complimentary reference list for property owners and property management companies.

Assets Lease Guaranty offers rental services to the public, which include lease option agreements and guarantor. These agreements can help ensure you’re qualified to lease an asset. They also provide an option to lease your home without requiring a credit check. Contact details are listed below.


Email: [email protected]

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My Second Chance Rentals

In addition to providing housing for those with a poor rental history, My Second Chance Rentals can assist you in different ways. They provide clothing and household goods, free phone service and furniture, employment services, and assistance when applying for utility bills.

My Second Chance Rentals can be the answer to your housing issues. No matter if you’ve been evicted, addicted to drugs, or are a sexual offender, they can offer you a high-quality living quarter and other services to help you get your life back on track.

Other services they offer include clothing, telephone service, and assistance with utility bills.

Phone: (602) 393-4400

2nd Chance Apartment

Second Chance Apartment is a famous company that locates apartments, especially within Arlington and Dallas. They are experts in finding homes and apartments that accept evictions, poor credit, bankruptcy, bankruptcy felonies, and leases that have been broken.

This company developed strong relationships with housing developments, allowing it to offer a vast selection of options for its customers.

The approval process can be completed in 24 hours or less. The list of apartments they’ve put together includes addresses, addresses, and other contact info for 7,000 housing units that are affordable across the nation. Yo can find the best prices on rental, as well as much other useful info on their website.


Second Chance Network

Renting an apartment can be a major hassle, especially in case of an issue with your finances or legal rights. This is where the Second Chance Network can help.

The Second Chance Network is a nonprofit that helps struggling credit individuals locate the ideal apartment community. Suppose you want to apply to a community using the Second Chance Network. In that case, They offer a single-page application that gathers data regarding your rental record, income, and job situation, in addition to any other factors that may affect your application.

Second Chance Network then gives this information to communities who are seeking tenants who have the chance to get a second chance.


Email: [email protected]

Phone: +1 220-201-0320

Corporate Housing By Owner

In the event that you require corporate housing after divorce or temporary accommodation for a business trip, Corporate Housing by the Owner will assist. With its extensive collection of completely furnished apartments to rent throughout the US and across the globe, it is possible to secure a good rental swiftly, whether you’re seeking one night or a whole month! They have something for everyone!

Its Corporate Housing website has a variety of second-chance apartments available for rent, giving an opportunity to re-enter the market after being evicted. In addition, a search tool that is specifically designed tool on website will help you find homes that meet your requirements. A representative will be available to assist you personally, regardless of what you’re searching for.

What is an Eviction?

The tenants do not wish to be evicted. However, bad circumstances can cause this to occur in their lives. However, people could face this difficult reality because they haven’t paid the rent on their homes for months. Your landlord may not agree to your deal if you are behind 3 or 4 months’ rent. As a result, tenants are evicted when they fail to pay rent to landlords. To evict tenants, the landlords give them notice to leave the apartment. Tenants have a certain number of days after receiving a notice to vacate. If they do not comply, landlords will demand a court order and apply for eviction before the courts.

Furthermore, landlords can also remove tenants from the property on the grounds of breach of the lease agreement and other violations. The tenants are then dealt with eviction claims following their removal from the premises. The landlords are represented in court, and any legal procedures are followed to get the tenants out; legally, it’s called an eviction.

Tips to Get Apartments for Rent that Accept Evictions

Finding a place to live when you’ve been evicted is difficult. The landlord rejects applicants with eviction records when they run a background check on them. However, you must do something about your eviction record rather than sitting idle with it. Your financial situation may improve if you get a better job tomorrow. You can make your landlord more trusting by following some tricky steps.  

1. Be Honest

It is always important for landlords to get authentic information from renters. The landlords will certainly investigate the background of renters to ensure they get the correct details of the tenants. Therefore, there’s nothing to hide. As a tenant, you must be honest and open about the events that occurred to you in the past. You have likely been fired, suffered an issue with divorce, were bankrupt, and lost in your company. These circumstances made it more difficult.

You can share information to explain why your credit score is poor and why you were kicked out because you did not pay rent. This could increase landlords’ Trust and decide to choose you based on honesty.

2. Be upfront – Tell Them Everything They Need to Know

A negative situation can come into any person’s life. Landlords can have to deal with this issue. You could also have poor credit and a bad financial background. Indeed, time moves on, and things are constantly changing. The same is true for financial matters. Your bad past does not ensure your future financial success. Today, you’re financially well-off and financially secure.

If possible, pay some months in advance to show your landlords your financial strength. Also, you may have had an eviction notice due to late payments or excessive property damage. The landlords will likely want to receive more security from tenants. You may be eligible to pay upfront if you have a poor rental history.

3.Try an apartment locator

If you have been previously evicted, there are landlords who are willing to overlook this. An apartment locator service will usually have a list of these landlords and direct you to them. You can also ask your family, friends, and coworkers for recommendations for landlords. Thus, This service can help you to find apartments that take evictions.

4. Enhance your credit score

Credit history can be linked to landlords because it is the basis for how you made rent. If your landlord chased you for rent collection, but you weren’t on time, you may have a bad credit history that will adversely affect your future.

However, you shouldn’t ignore this, as you have to improve your credit score. It’s important to have a good financial plan in order to improve your credit history.  For example; pay your bills on time, go for upfront payments, and lower the amount of debt you owe. It’s also true that landlords with excellent credit scores have a better chance of being able to get apartments.

5. Find a guarantor, or cosigner

A guarantor or Cosigners, are people who stand by you in times of need. They are financially stable and are responsible for handling any issues regarding the rental property that may arise. The landlords will surely insist on obtaining a guarantor or cosigner. You should therefore seek out the services of a guarantor who is acquainted with you and knows you well. For example, if you face an eviction, your cosigner and the guarantor could help you.

How Private Landlords Provide Apartments to the Tenants

Many tenants have bad experiences with landlords as many do not pay rent on time, damage parts of the apartments, hide any criminal records, and police may be here to the apartments.

Therefore, landlords must undergo a thorough screening and background investigation to be sure that the tenants are clean and free of shady behavior that could cause landlords unhappy over the long term. Through this background check, tenants could have eviction records that make them unfit to lease the apartment. Unfortunately, some landlords do not look for evictions or poor credit background checks.

If you have poor credit or eviction history in the case of tenants, you may also be eligible to obtain an apartment. It is essential to remember that financial chaos could be a problem over time. However, it doesn’t last forever. You’ve built up your credit score and are financially better than before. If you can show your excellent financial standing, the landlords will certainly offer you apartments to live in.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

We will answer some of the most commonly asked questions.

If I was recently evicted, what should I do?

You may have to wait for a while after you have been evicted. However, most apartment owners accept evictions that have been in place for about one or two years. The general rule is that you may have a better chance if you have an old eviction status. If you have recently been evicted, you need to search for landlords who accept evictions for a shorter period. Some landlords accept evictions that are less than six months old.

Can a broken lease affect my rental history?

Landlords want tenants with neat and clean records, but most tenants do not keep their promises. If they have a bad situation, It is common for tenants to break their leases. A bad situation can disrupt all. Even if you have broken your lease, some landlords will not consider it a red flag at all. To gain the landlord’s trust and confidence, you just need a strong rental history and good references.

What is the difference between an eviction and a broken lease?

If you want to leave a lease without serving a notice to vacate, then it is a broken lease. If there are legal issues and court summonses, then it is an eviction.

Does getting evicted affect your credit score?

In the case of eviction, your credit won’t suffer unless you are sent to collections for failing to pay any debts. However, eviction can also hurt you: It is costly, can disrupt employment and schools, and it can make it difficult to find a new place to live..


A landlord does not always view evictions as a red flag. People may have bad circumstances for a short time, but they can still negatively impact their lives. Thus, eviction may occur for tenants. However, if you have eviction cases, you still have chances of living comfortably in a second chance apartment. In addition to rebuilding your financial strength, you can erase the eviction status from your record. This is general information about apartments that accept evictions, but you can learn more by consulting a court-appointed expert handling eviction cases. This can help you get accurate and verified information.

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