Private Owners That Accept Evictions Near Me

It might be hard to find a private owners that accept evictions when you have a bad reality like eviction. Getting evicted is caused by late rent payment, owing rent back to the landlords, violating the lease terms, causing damage to the property, or engaging in criminal activities at your apartment. Whatever happens, you may suffer in the long run. 

Private landlords don’t want to rent apartments to tenants with a bad history. They regularly check their eviction history. Despite that, some private landlords aren’t always tough on tenants with an eviction history. Tenants who have eviction histories still look for private owners that accept evictions near me. Evicted tenants may also be potential tenants as their financial situation has improved since they were evicted, their case has been settled at the courthouse, and their credit history has improved.

There are some ways for tenants to get apartments quickly, even if they have an eviction on their public records. They can go forward step by step to get private landlords that accept evictions. 

How To Get Private Owners That Accept Evictions

private owners that accept evictions

Getting a rental apartment may be difficult if you do not know any private landlords. Most landlords prefer tenants with good credit histories and no previous bad records. However, you may have a different situation because your eviction remains on your record. Nevertheless, you still have hope and options for finding private landlords that accept evictions. Here are some tips on what to do.

1. Be Honest

It’s good, to be honest. Your landlord will surely be relieved when you provide all the information honestly. You may explain the right circumstances why eviction occurred in your life and keep being truthful at all times

2. Explain Your Situation

There may be children, seniors, and disabled members of your family. Your situation may worsen if you fail to find an apartment soon. Some private landlords have sympathy for the destitute and want to assist them. It is easier to get an apartment when you explain your situations to landlords.

3. Clear Your Records With Previous Landlords

You may contact your previous landlords if you have a good financial situation. Unfortunately, you had to go to court for evictions, which was unfortunate. However, you may contact your previous landlords again and discuss rent payments owed to them. It is then possible to settle any eviction disputes, and the landlords can dismiss the eviction cases against you.

4. Get a recommendation letter from previous landlords

If you have settled eviction cases with your previous landlords, you should receive a recommendation or certified letter. This certificate clearly states that there are no pending eviction cases. This letter will convince your next private landlord that you have no disputes with the previous one, so they will be happy and convinced.

5. Look for Landlords With No Background Checks

A house to rent is more expensive in areas where there is a high demand for it. People always want to rent a house in a city or town where it’s difficult to find an apartment. However, in some areas, rental properties are not getting tenants, so many apartments are still available. Since landlords are looking for tenants, they will not check your background, so it would be helpful if you took advantage of this opportunity to get apartments. A private landlord may offer you an apartment on much laxer terms and conditions, depending on the location.

6. Getting References 

The private landlord may ask for references when you have an eviction case. It’s always a good idea to arrange references to ensure you can convince the next private landlord. Getting references from previous landlords may be a good idea for this. Although the landlords may have evicted you previously, they will never want to see you suffer in the future. It’s all about sympathy, forgiveness, and giving help to those who need it most. You may also get a recommendation from your current employer, who will refer you as a good employee. Once the next landlord receives your good references, no issues will arise.

7. Find a co-signer 

If your friends and family members have a good rental history, they can surely assist you in getting an apartment by co-signing the leases. However, the co-signer is responsible for any loss or rent payment incurred by the apartment. Therefore, the co-signer will have to provide an answer and solution if you are again late on rent payments or damage any part of the apartment.

8. Keep an Eye on Your Credit Score

The landlord may still find your credit history bad even if there is a credit record on the eviction. For example, the bill collector went after you because you couldn’t pay your utility bills on time. Sure, the property manager will go through a screening process. But, if you need to explain this, you should get credit reports beforehand.

How can I Find Private Owners That Accept Evictions Near Me

If you are searching for a private landlord who accepts eviction, there are several ways to find them.

Social Media

People share eviction problems on social platforms just as much as any other type of problem on them. Therefore, social platforms can be a powerful tool for solving any problem. Many social platforms exist where people can join and share their problems. You can join these groups and get many ideas on getting private landlords that accept evictions.

Apartment Locator 

Apartment locators can help tenants locate the right apartments that accept evictions. The apartment locator can put you in contact with private landlords who accept eviction cases.

Search online

The Internet is a great platform to search for anything. For example, you could Google private owners that accept evictions near me. You will find a lot of results nearby, and you can find the nearest locations.

Search offline 

You can find some apartments online by searching. Then you can contact the local office of the apartment company. Surely the staff can guide you on how to apply for the apartments.

Get Help from Friends and Relatives 

If you have a friend who was evicted and lived in the apartment, it can be very easy and convenient to have all the details of the eviction process. So, you may be familiar with how he obtained the private landlords who accepted his eviction.

What Is An Eviction and How it works

When a tenant lives in a rental house or an apartment and cannot pay rent for a few months, the landlords may serve the tenant with an eviction notice. It is a legal process by which landlords have to vacate the apartments with the court’s help. If the tenant cannot pay rent again, the landlords may pursue the legal process of eviction.

In most cases, eviction happens when the tenant cannot pay rent, but it may also happen when the tenant breaks the lease, engages in criminal activity in the apartment, etc. However, the landlord should not evict someone without any valid reason, which should be legal action.

  • Not paying rent
  • Rent is consistently late
  • Damage the property
  • Violation of lease terms
  • Criminal activities in the apartments

How it works: Depending on the state, eviction rules may vary. However, it comes down to the same thing. When landlords are so fed up with tenants’ behavior that they can’t tolerate it, they go to leave the apartment with valid reasons. In the first instance, they may serve a general and written notice within a specified period of time.

Depending on the lease terms, there may be a notice period for tenants to be given. For example, if you pay rent on a monthly basis, you may have a notice period of one month. To ensure that the tenant can be legally evicted from the apartment when the tenant does not leave, the landlord seeks legal assistance from the court to evict them.

How Private Landlords Provide Apartments For Tenants With Eviction

It is best to contact private landlords that accept evictions cases when you have already been evicted. Some private landlords don’t always care about your background. However, some landlords do a thorough background check for what happened to the last rental property. They do background checks like your credit score, rent payment history, and eviction history.

When you establish value and trust with landlords, you may be able to get apartments from them. First, however, you will need a good income source, and your income should be three times the monthly rent.

Some private landlords do not care about evictions, so you will have to do some research and study to ensure that you can find and choose one. Indeed, some landlords do not conduct background checks or eviction checks. Instead, they just care about your on-time rent payment. The current income you earn plays a significant role in this case.

When you do not have good credit, you may be able to find private landlords that don’t check your credit report. To do so, you need to explain your good income source, financial solvency, and other factors that enhance your credibility.


As a tenant, it is strongly advised that you avoid being evicted. Eviction isn’t a simple process. It’s difficult for the tenants to get a new apartment after eviction, and they have to suffer a lot. However, finding private owners that accept evictions is just a matter of study and research. When there are available tenants, evicted tenants may encounter issues because screening is more complicated. A tenant who has been evicted should look for landlords who aren’t evicting them. Having obtained the necessary information, you should go to the right places for lease terms. Additionally, you should read the lease terms and conditions for the landlord so that you can live there safely and efficiently.


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