What Number Am I On The Section 8 Waiting List

Millions of Americans are being helped through the Section 8 program, which is also known as the housing choice voucher program. Many households remain on the waiting list despite receiving a housing voucher. The question continues arise in their mind What number am i on the section 8 waiting list?

People may experience extreme hardship if they lose their jobs, have their businesses closed, are evicted, or lose their homes due to cyclones, hurricanes, or other natural disasters. As a result, the United States government has introduced some housing assistance programs for this purpose.  Section 8 Program ensure that they are getting affordable, safe, clean, sanitary, and healthy housing.

In order to qualify for such assistance programs, people must meet certain income criteria. Because of the large number of applications, low-income people may not be issued vouchers immediately. As a result, there is a waiting list for such vouchers. The duration of the waiting list varies from state to state, depending on the housing agency.

The reality may be so harsh for someone that when they hear from the housing authority, they look for the number on the section 8 waiting list. We will discuss such issues and tell you how to get priority while you are on the section 8 waiting list.

A Brief Overview of Section 8 Waiting Lists

People needing housing assistance are submitting lots of applications each day. But unfortunately, it may be impossible for the government to manage all the applications through section 8. So there is a waiting list for housing assistance.

Firstly, you must fill out an application with the necessary and basic information for section 8 housing assistance. Then, according to your information, your local PHA will review such information and determine whether you are eligible for section 8. A family that is experiencing the most devastating circumstances is given priority.

If your situation is different from other people’s and you have an urgent need, they may issue you a housing choice voucher. It is possible to be placed on a waiting list when insufficient section 8 housing is available for all applicants. This waiting list may be terminated when adequate section 8 housing becomes available.

Due to many factors, there may be a longer waiting list as priority is given to most emergency situations. However, 25% of section 8 applicants may be eligible for assistance through this program.

What Number Am I On The Section 8 Waiting List?

What Number Am I On The Section 8 Waiting List

It may not be possible to get a housing choice voucher immediately after applying, but there may be a waiting list. Due to a large number of applications, availability may be limited. It is possible to get a section 8 voucher if you have a very difficult condition, but some may be placed on a waiting list. Their waiting list may be too long, which could last for years. Hopefully, you will be able to receive such assistance when your name is on the waiting list. Hence, you should check your application’s status periodically.

If you wish to check what number am i on the section 8 waiting list, you should contact the local HUD office or the section 8 housing authority. Talk to a case manager if you want to know your section 8 waiting number. Receptionists can also provide you with the waiting list number. You must fill out the form with your name, social security number, and address. To know the status of your number on the Section 8 Waiting List, you should have regular contact with your housing authority.

Alternatively, you can monitor your application’s progress and status online. HUD has a waiting list facility where you may be able to check the status of your application. To do so, visit waitlistcheck.com, where you need to provide your birth year and the password given to you by PHA. The case manager and other staff at the housing authority office can also help you understand this process.

You can also check your section 8 waiting list status by calling the PHA office. Visit the local PHA office and collect the phone numbers for future use.

How To Get Priority When you are On A Waiting List

When you are on the waiting list, it is important to get priority for assistance. You need to explain your reasons for needing housing assistance through a section 8 housing choice voucher to eliminate suffering. Surely family may require urgent housing for various reasons. In such circumstances, humanity and urgency are considered effective. Below are some suggestions that you can mention for obtaining priority on section 8 waiting lists.

Have Extremely Low Income

When reviewing your application, a housing authority will likely consider your household’s income and family status as one of the most important eligibility requirements.

There are generally three income categories served by the Section 8 housing choice voucher program:

  • Extremely low – household income of about 30% of area median income
  • Very low – households earn about 50% of the area median income
  • Low – The household’s income is around 80% of the area’s median income

A PHA will prioritize housing options for families with extremely low incomes, followed by families with very low incomes and then families with low incomes. The PHA accepts about 75% of applications from families with extremely low incomes. Talk to your PHA about your income limits for priority status if you know that your household has an extremely low income. Also check low-income housing with no waiting list for detailed information.

Have a Homeless Situation

Many public housing authorities prioritize homeless individuals because they represent a tremendously vulnerable population. Because of this, homeless applicants are frequently placed at the top of Section 8 waitlists as quickly as possible. Contact your PHA; you should inquire about whether they prioritize homeless applicants. In some PHAs, applicants who live in family or friend residences are not considered homeless.

Stay in a Shelter

A primary objective of Section 8 is to get eligible families off the streets and out of shelters and emergency housing by providing them with a safe, affordable homes. Therefore, a local authority for public housing may prioritize an applicant living in a shelter or emergency housing facility and move them to the top of the waiting list as quickly as possible. You should contact each PHA to learn how it treats this type of applicant. 

Having a Disability

Households with disabled members usually receive priority consideration from PHAs. This is especially true when their current accommodations don’t meet their needs or if their current housing exacerbates their medical condition.

For example, If your family member has asthma, their symptoms could worsen if they live in a bad place. To qualify, you have to show that you have a disability or medical condition and that it’s making it worse because of your current living situation.

Be Elderly

Elderly American citizens are often considered a vulnerable population, so PHAs may prioritize households led by elderly residents. HUD ensures that Americans’ elderly citizens are provided with clean, safe, and affordable housing. 

Be a Veteran

Veterans must get housing assistance after military life. HUD recognizes that helping U.S. veterans find housing is an important step in assisting them in transitioning from military life to civilian life. Make sure you note that any family members have ever served in the U.S. armed forces in your application materials, and include any documentation related to the service. Military members who have been honorably discharged are given high priority on the waiting list.

Frequently Asked Questions:

When I am on a section 8 waiting list, what should I do?

From the application process to the housing choice voucher issue, you need to be attentive to every step and process. In this case, keep all the documents you have from communication, submitting documents and papers, and notes you have taken over phone calls. If you need to provide information in the future, there will be no mistakes.
Your income may increase, and your family composition may change. Whenever your income or family composition changes, it is important to notify your local housing authority in order to prove your legitimacy. If the housing authority contacts you over the phone or by other means, you need to have your application information handy so you can explain and answer your questions.

How long is the waitlist for section 8?

As a result of insufficient funding, there is limited affordable housing available for families with incomes that are struggling. A waiting list for this housing assistance program is a common problem for those who apply for it. However, the waiting period may vary from 1.5 years to 7 years. You can find out more about the average waiting period by contacting local public housing agencies.

How long does it take to get Section 8 in Massachusetts?

There is a long waiting list for Section 8 housing at the Boston Housing Authority because the authority receives approximately 10,000 applications each year. A waiting list can last anywhere from one year to five years, depending on your application status, your points, and the preferences you qualify for.

How long is the waitlist for section 8 in California?

There are many factors that can make a waiting list long. For instance, in California, average waits for section 8 housing range from 4 to 5 years. However, the estimated wait for public housing is just over one year.


It is imperative that you maintain regular contact with the housing authority as an applicant if you need housing assistance as soon as possible. You should provide accurate and authentic information so that the housing authority can check out easily and within a short timeframe. Moreover, the waiting list number for each housing authority may vary, so make sure you ask the housing authority what the waiting list condition is. A regular communication with the housing authority will provide you with important information about your waiting list status.

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